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Caspian Seal, the only mammal in the Caspian Sea, is in danger of extinction. The total number of Caspian seals in the Caspian Sea has decreased by 90% in less than 30 years. Kilkas (Cluponella), gobies, Caspian sprats and crustaceans account for the Caspian seals diet.Caspian Seal, the only mammal in the Caspian Sea, is in danger of extinction. The total number of Caspian seals in the Caspian Sea has decreased by 90% in less than 30 years. Kilkas (Cluponella), gobies, Caspian sprats and crustaceans account for the Caspian seals diet.

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Caspian Seal Statistics

Caspian Seal, the only mammal in the Caspian Sea, is in danger of extinction. The total number of Caspian seals in the Caspian Sea has decreased by 90% in less than 30 years. Kilkas (Cluponella), gobies, Caspian sprats and crustaceans account for the Caspian seals crustaceans account for the Caspian seals diet.


Caspian Seal DONATE

1. Adopt a Caspian seal

Adopt a Caspian seal by providing financial support for its assistance, rescue and treatment. This support spends for your own seal and covers the costs of:

               Repairing fishing net damages

             Paying fuel cost of boats which deliver the seal to the Rehab center and return it to the sea

               Affording the medical bill and veterinarian commute

               Rewarding the fishers, etc. It is estimated the financial support of 25-50 $ required to cover these costs for one seal.

Upon adopting a seal, a beautiful greeting card will be both mailed, and electronically sent to you providing the characteristics of your seal. Additionally, you will be invited to attend the returning ceremony of the seal.

2. Sponsor the Caspian Seal Conservation Center

You can financially support the Caspian Seal Conservation Center for advertising your business or as your corporate social responsibility.

Since its establishment at 2008, the center is funded by Lenie’t Hart and the Netherlander’s supports. This support is intended to increase the ability of countries shared the coastline of Caspian Sea to protect the seal and prevent the extinction. Today, evidences= shows that society experts gain required knowledge and skills for this task. To reach its goals, the Dutch center will gradually decrease and finally stop its financial support. Therefore, the society needs supports inside Iran to continue its work, expand itself to other countries and achieve its long term goals, e.g. reach to the minimum viable population of Caspian Seal.

You can support the society financially to cover its expenses and buy required items:

               Ambulance boats and cars

               Refrigerators and freezer to keep samples, medications and seal foods

               Lab equipment, e.g. microscopes

               Air conditioners to control the quarantines temperature

               Work accessories, e.g. overall, towel, camera, GPS navigation device

               Conducting workshops in various cities, providing training manuals, and commute

               Repairing fishing net damages and rewarding fishermen who support the Caspian seals

  •                Media advertisement

You will practice the corporate social responsibility, advertise your business, and develop the spirit of nature by supporting this society.

3. Join the Caspian seal conservation society

Download the registration form from: Volunteer Application Form. Fill it up and mail it to the society address. You will receive a call which would invite you to join workshop. Getting familiar with the society, you can start helping different departments, e.g. assistance and rescue, education, advertisement, etc. based on your skills and interests.

4. Sign the petition to stop the legal hunting of Caspian seal at Russia

You can find this petition at goo.gl/QQuLJq and sign it afterward.

5. Make small changes in your lifestyle to preserve the living place (Caspian Sea) and the birth place (northern ices) of Caspian seal

a)              Greenhouse gases (Carbon dioxide, Methane, etc.) are capable of increasing Earth’s temperatures and thaw the ice sheets. Decreasing greenhouse gases will lead to decelerate the thawing process. Multiple sources are known for greenhouse gas production. For example:

               Fossil fuel combustion (e.g. for producing electricity) and deforestation increase ambient air carbon dioxide concentration level

               Livestock (sheep, cattle, etc.) are one of the main sources of Methane production

How can I decrease greenhouse gasses?

There are simple and small steps:

               Don’t leave lights on

               Turn off your hairdryer, washing machine, laptop, oven and car when not in use

               Reduce meat and dairy consumption

               Preserve forests

What does it mean?

               Towel dry your hair before using hair dryer.

               Schedule some days of the week to use public transport instead of your own car.

               Eliminate unnecessary travels inside the city during rush hour.

               Keep your laptop in sleep mode when not in use.

               Do not fill up the kettle when you want to boil water for a small cup of tea.

               Reduce red meat and dairy consumption.

              Volunteer in trash collection programs in forests to collect non-degradable waste (e.g. glass, plastic, etc.).

b)              Reduce toxic/chemical sewage and non-degradable trash production


               Buy organic products to encourage farmers on avoid agricultural spraying.

               Reduce chemicals utilization at home. For example, detergents as chemicals will get into sewage system and ultimately release in sea. You can use eco-friendly detergents or natural substances (e.g. salt, vinegar, etc.) instead.

               Reduce the usage of non-degradable and non-recyclable wastes (e.g. plastic bags). These trashes will eventually landfill in forests or sea.

6. Inform people on the importance of preserving Caspian seal, the threats affecting its survival, and Caspian seal conservation society activities.

Share what you learn from this website with people in your social networks.


Caspian Seal DONATE

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