international activities

 International activities

Now, the Center of Caspian Seals’ conservation, in Iran, is ready to share the knowledge and experiences of the past eight years with other countries along the Caspian Sea.

More seriously than before, work has now been undertaken in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and training has been launched with the scientific assistance of the Iranian Center in schools, universities and NGOs in these countries. Also, the center seeks support from international organizations such as the United Nations Environment Program, the World-Wildlife Fund and the World Wide Animal Rescue (WWAR) to expand conservation activities in the region.

As one of the main causes of the Caspian seal’s death is legal hunting in Russia, one of the international actions taken was creating an online petition for the abandonment of hunting seals (accessible from

People from the entire region, and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world, were invited to sign the petition to make the Caspian seals’ conservation action a public demand.

The Center of Caspian seals’ in Iran, has been widely advertised for collecting signatures. So far, more than 200,000 signatures have been collected, which is an essential part of the negotiation process in the meetings of Caspian states with Russian decision makers to approve and do law-enforcement in the same way as the other four countries around the Caspian Sea do.

In light of the efforts made, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia banned the Seal hunting for a year in 2018.